Student Startup Forms

September Protocol and Consent Forms

In an effort to reduce on footprint we are happy to provide all of our forms on our website for your reference and to read through at your convenience.  Please sign that you have read these documents on the form that came home with your child James-Bay-School-Protocol-and-Consent-form-2

1. Instructions for Student Emergency Release

2. Student Release Form

3. Cover Letter Re Code of Conduct 2021

4. Code of Conduct Revision Feb 2017

5. Media Consent 2021 2022 effective to Sept 30 2021

6. Regulation-5131.9a-online safety

7. Personal Information Consent 2021 2022 effective to Sept 30 2021

8. Blanket Field Trip Form 2021 2022 SD61

Additional Information

Online Safety Student use Agreement-please read the district regulation for information about student use of technology

Additional Forms

Please download the forms above and submit to the school as needed.