Welcome to James Bay Community School

We are a K-5 school with a population of 191 students offering a rich programme of instruction for all learners. Located one block from the ocean, we are in the heart of James Bay and are partnered with the James Bay Community Centre in providing a wide range of educational services for our students and community.
If you are currently a part of our community we thank you for your continued support. If you would like to be a part of our community, please come and visit us and see why James Bay Community School is such and exciting and dynamic place for learners of all ages.

Attendance: We are working hard to streamline our systems for your convenience, if your child is absent from school, our preference is an email to jamesbay@sd61.bc.ca, however, the attendance line – 250-383-7152 is still in operation for you to leave a message.  In either case, please state your child’s name, division number/teacher, the date and the reason for the absence before 9am on the day of the absence.  If leaving a telephone message, please speak slowly and clearly.  Thank you.